Cosmexpert Ingrédient has been created to help French and foreign companies, to present and promote their actives, products, raw materials to the French cosmetic & perfumery market and have a direct, human and fast ntroduction to key customers accounts.

The French Cosmetic & Perfume Market network is a big market , a kind of cloud  or nebula and becomes, day after day more cloudy for companies who have no direct connection or companies who are distributed by companies/corporations who cannot give full service.

With us, you will have the opportunity to have your products presented to key selected companies, and depending on the service you need, to the complete market. You will have , depending our collaboration level, direct names and contacts and the possibilities to create your own subsidiary if the market is big enough. In every case, we are here to help you, assist you to sell more, and save money at the same time.


Our Network covers the whole French Cosmetic Market

  1. Local and International cosmetic manufacturers located in France.

  2. R&D laboratories.

  3. Marketing Departments

  4. Buyers

  5. Contract Manufacturers

  6. Cosmexpert Ingrédients is a member of a well established council of experts.

  7. Independant formulators

  8. Cosmetic Evaluation Laboratories

  9. Specialized Press

  10. French Cosmetic Associations

  11. Professional Events and fairs, congress, seminars

  12. more information ?


Cosmexpert Ingrédient  proposes you a new model of distribution and a new model of partnership.



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