Cosmexpert Ingrédient can also become your French local partner and the link between your company and the French Market.

We can do the first commercial approach and promotion of your products by becoming your first representant on French Market and giving you time to see our efficiency.

Cosmexpert Ingrédient can be contracted as a consultant.

- Organize and do with you direct meetings (face to face) with selected customers all over France
- Present your portfolio of products to the whole industry through selected emailing from our network
- Organize Seminars with customers to promote your products
- Help to adapt and check your marketing brochures to fit the requirements from customers
- Help with price positionning
- Work with the most famous French specialized consultants for Markering purposes, regulatory affairs and/or Formulation tips of your products, scientific communication.
- Organize your communication through specialized professional magazines (articles, advertisement)
- Help you with the organisation of local exhibtions